Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy little bee

So, aside from wedding planning, life all in all is crazy busy right now. Just today alone I managed to update all my stuff online (laugh, but it takes like 2 hours lol). Also, I called a limo company (and will probably be booking them very soon). I called 2 hotels to talk about blocking off hotel rooms. I also emailed our pastor and the reception hall guy with questions. I worked on the music for the reception, stopped by the church and picked up a packet of information. And I made a list of photos for our photographer to take. Aaaand I put the monogram stickers on the bubbles. All 276 bubbles! lol Now I just have to tie the ribbons around it. The DJ is officially booked and with that, all the vendors are booked. Except for the limo. Which, to be honest, we weren't even sure we were going to do. But the price is just too good and it will be so convenient.

It hit me today though...I was filling out some of the DJ paperwork and it said,"Introducing the new bride and groom" and we had to write out our names. It was the first time I actually wrote Jon & Kari *new last name*. It was such a great, amazing feeling. It just really hit me!

Almost 11 months to the day...

Pictures that were promised!

The baskets were the easiest things I've done thus far!




Saying close up
Today I'm gonna call some limo companies and get prices. And call hotels to inquire about hotel blocks. And try to work on music, photo list, etc etc. lol I'm gonna TRY to work on the bubbles tonight, too. Hopefully I can put the labels on tonight, but we'll see. It's all starting to come together!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reception Menu

I got a phone call from our caterer today with a set price. I love them, P.S. :) And we finalized a menu.

Fried Chicken (They have the best fried chicken known to man!)
Mashed potatoes
Macaroni and cheese

Rolls & Butter
7 Layer Salad

Small, simple, perfect.

We're going to supply snack-type foods for people to munch on while we're taking pictures, etc. Jon & I both can't deal with sitting at a reception starving with nothing to eat except the favor candy. So we're not having that happen at our wedding. :)

I'm off to finish updating everything, then going to make pocketfolds!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Honeymoon, Baskets

Change of honeymoon destination for us: Gatlinburg, TN is the number 1 contender as of now. We would both love to go to Disney World, but Jon won't know where he will be working, or if he can get time off, until atleast January. Disney books so fast--so we decided to go somewhere a little closer. We've been looking at cabins for awhile now, and we've found a few beautiful ones that we like.

I finished the baskets for the programs, bubbles, and restrooms. I think this was another super easy project! I finshed all four baskets in about 30 minutes. I'll post pictures very soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Checks and DIY Projects

I met with the travel agent this morning to talk about HM options. They gave us a ton of books/brochures to look at...and made me feel really good about using them for our HM reservations.

On the way home, I figured, what they hey, I'll call the caterer and see if I can come in to talk to them about catering the wedding--though I had heard they wouldn't let us book until 6 months ahead of time. Well...I went in and talked to the lady for about 15 minutes--and booked them! Which means after I send in the check for the DJ this weekend--all of our vendors are booked!

And, I worked on some DIY projects last night and today. I made 10 pocketfolds last night. And today I worked on the unity candle. I was unwrapping the last pillar candle, smacked it against my desk, and broke it. lol Oops! I'll buy a new one today, though.'s what I have so far:

And pictures of the garter my mom and I made! It also works as my something blue!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Invitation & Program Mock Ups...aaand table numbers

I love the way these turned out!

All my hard work!

The invitation--need to work on spacing and font size still


Directions Insert--still needs directions verified, maps, and accomadations added

Reception Insert--still need directions verified and map

All closed up :)

Program Cover (Thank you maggieholmes for the inspiration :)

Ceremony page

Bridal Party

Our thank yous & in loving memory page

One of our table numbers--using our engagement pictures :)