Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's official!

This morning I booked the reception hall, deposit is down! It feels like such a huge weight off my shoulders. Woooo!!

Also, I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up a few more mirrors for our centerpieces and found bubbles 12 for $1!!

Reception hall: Check.
Bubbles: Check.

We're well on our way!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Invitations- Round One

The clearance aisle at Wal-Mart is like my new best friend. Jon and I walked by there the other day and found invitations for $5 for 50 of them. However, I want to do the pocketfold invitations. So, I found a way around it and an easy way to do both. I made a mock-up of my invitations, but the set of invitations wouldn't fit the pocketfold. So, I added an inch to the side and 1 1/2" to the bottom and voilia! They will fit! So, yay!!

Invitations---semi check. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flowers Update

So, I have the flower situation figured out..thankfully!

I received a message back from a girl off of Etsy and she is doing our flowers for us...for a super great deal!

Here is what we decided:
Bride Bouquet: Pale yellow gerberas and roses with 4 white roses for my grandparents
Toss Bouquet: Same as bride bouquet but w/out white roses
BM Bouquets: Gerberas
Bouts: 2 roses/1 gerbera and 1 rose for groom, 1 rose for everyone else
Corsages: 1 gerbera and 2 roses
Green berry fillers

I'm so excited! I pay for them next week, and I should get them sometime in July so I'll be sure to post pictures and everything when I get them in!!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gerberas & Roses

I've spent the night typing away and search engining my little heart out trying to find silk flowers that will work for us. I'm to the point where if I don't find anything within the next few months, I'm probably going to DIY the flowers...which I DON'T want to do. Basically what we're looking for is a mixture of roses and gerbera daisies. Pale yellow. And we need the following:
Bride bouquet
Toss bouquet
5 BM bouquets
Groom Bout
11 Bouts (For GM, Ushers, Fathers, etc)
7 Corsages
1 Ring Bearer Bout

I'd like for my bouquet to be both types of flowers, the BM to be gerbera daisies. Jon's bout to be either 1 gerbera daisy or 2 roses. The other bouts to be 1 rose. The corsages to be 1 daisy and 2 roses. Another thing that I'm having a hard time finding is that I don't want the bouquets to be in a bouquet holder, but rather I would like for them to be held by the stems so we can wrap pretty pale yellow ribbon around them. :)

I messaged two different people asking how much they would charge for this. One girl I'm very hopeful about. I found her on Etsy. If her price is what I think it is, I'll be buying the flowers within the next few weeks. NO's that good of a deal. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And look for updates!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lists, lists, lists I made a list of things wedding related we need to buy/make...and come to find out, we already have a lot of stuff for the pretty much all of it actually. Anyways, here's the list, I made up..I'm sure I'm forgetting somethings, but it's preliminary. Things in bold are the things we have bought already.

Guest book
Pew Bows
Flowergirl basket
Ring bearer pillow
Bubbles basket
Programs basket
Unity Candle
Unity Candle holder
Initials for GB Table

Wedding party flutes
Bride & Groom flutes
Cake server set
Cake topper
Centerpiece 1: Mirrors, voltives
Centerpiece 2: Vase candle, voltives
Card box
Chair signs
Mint bowls
Table cloths
Serving Bowls & Trays (For CH)
Decorative marbles
Head table decorations
Favor Boxes
Favor candy
Tuxedo mints
Plates (big & small)
Picture frames
Bathroom baskets & Supplies
CH food (We're going to provide that.)

Strathmore Paper
White cardstock
Stamp & Ink
Envelopes (Invites & Reply Cards)
Monogram Stickers
Address Labels
Post Cards

Save the Date's
Thank You Cards

Throwing Garter
Emergency kit
Cute, fun things ;)
BM dresses
BM shoes
BM jewelry
FG dress
FG shoes
Jon's Tux
GM tuxes
GM Shoes
OLD: pearls
NEW: dress
BLUE: garter

Bride's Bouquet
BM Bouquets
FG Petals
Groom's Bout
Toss Bouquet

Wedding Bands
Marriage License
Jon's Gift
Attendant Gifts
Parents' Gifts
Outfits for: Bridal Shower, Bach. party, rehearsal, honeymoon

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Favor Boxes--check!

So, normally you wait to get the favor boxes I know this, but Mom and I found the deal of the day today! We were walking through the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart and we found favor kits with 50 favor boxes for $2! Score! They are normally $19 for 50 of them...sooo we bought enough for 350, even though we only have 240-some on our list right now. They are plain white boxes and they come with teal and brown stickers that you put on the front. But, we're just going to make our own embellishments for them. Either way--we spent $14 on 350 favor boxes...I'd say we got one hell of a deal! Woo!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Countdown is Getting Shorter

It seems like we just got engaged..however, it's been almost a year..and we've almost hit the one year mark to the wedding. Although a year is a long time, and most people plan their wedding in less than a year, I still feel like there is SOOO much to do in such little time. We have lots of DIY projects and lots of stuff we need to get done before January, even. January marks 6 months until the wedding..that's when the crazyness REALLY starts.

With that being said, me being the insane organizer that I am, made a list of "Weekly To Do Lists" for us so we can better manage everything that needs to be done. I have it saved on my computer desktop, as well as in my wedding planner. :)

Here's what lies ahead in the next month or so:
July 1st-Pay deposit on reception hall and turn in contract.
August 4th-Pay deposit for DJ. (We're waiting to do this until after our friends Mark & Sam get married because they are using the same DJ we are considering and we want to make sure we like him before we put the deposit down.)
September 6th-Finalize guest list. (That will be fun!)
September 20th-Call florists to discuss options. (I'm still debating between silk and real flowers. I really want gerbera daisies and mix in some roses. Gerbera daisies are known to wilt really quickly..because of that, I'm thinking we might go with silk flowers.)

That covers the next few months or so. But there are also lots of DIY Projects to be done:

-Unity Candle
-Bathroom baskets
-Save the Dates
-Invitations (That should encompass an entire 3 months of work!)
-Photo frame card box
-Thank You Cards
-Add details to flutes for WP
-Mr. & Mrs. Signs for chairs
-Monogram stickers (for pocketfolds and favor boxes)
-Rehearsal Dinner invitations
-Photo slideshow for Cocktail hour or dinner

Then there's all the fun stuff that we haven't even really touched on:
-Music, music, music, music times 100
-Gifts for everyone
-Groomsmen Attire
-Favors (We're thinking Jelly Bellys)
-Decorations for the Head Table
-Food for the cocktail hour

We do have a few ideas in regards to decorating though:
-Since the cocktail hour will be about an hour long, we are thinking that if we can, get a table set up with a ton of picture frames to give people things to look at while they are waiting for us. I'm very adament about Jon not seeing me before the wedding, so therefore we will have to do a bulk of pictures after the wedding...hence the cocktail hour. :)
-We have "I DO" letters for the cake table. They are painted and ready to go, actually. Total cost: $5. Confetti will go on the cake table, as well as decorative marbles.
-Half the tables centerpiece items bought. (Picture in bio)
-Ideas for the other half (tall vase with candle and two small voltives on each side, surrounded by petals and decorative marbles.)
-I really really want to put initials on the guest book table, but I'm not sure they will stay maybe we can put the initials on the head table?
-I really like the idea of having a basket for the favors as opposed to putting them at each table setting, but I may easily change my mind. We still have four wedding as of now to attend before our we can see what we like and what we don't like.

There is just so so much to do! But I'm so excited to actually start doing it! However, I think my parents may have to splurge on a 3 bedroom townhouse. A bedroom for them, one for me, and one for Wedding Central. Maybe I'll bring that up! lol

Countdown: Too damn long :) a/k/a 1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks, and 6 days..ish