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Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Pictures

Warning: Picture Overload!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooper Joseph- 8 months

Every time I write one of these I am amazed at how fast time is going!!

Trying to get him to sit still for 2 seconds to get a picture is almost impossible now!

Clothing: 6-9 months
Diapers: , size 2--once we are finished with this box we're moving up to size 3
Height: Not sure-no wellness check this month
Weight: ^^^^^^
Teeth: Still just has the bottom two but we swear that his bottom eye teeth are getting ready to pop through-we've been able to see them for probably 2 weeks now

Milestones: full fledged crawling, starting to pull up on things, started to try to chew his food, says "Ma", "Dad", and "Re" (Reggie) and means it!!

Likes: Mickey Mouse, his babysitter, playing peek a boo, crawling, Reggie, Mama and Daddy
Dislikes: being sleepy, being redirected from what he isn't supposed to be doing (i.e. playing with cords)

He's such a ham!!

After a weekend from hell sleep wise, Coop slept 13 hours straight one night. He woke up feeling like this---and so did Mama!
So I got a text message that a good friend is pregnant and I said,"Cooper...aunt Ash is having a baby! You're going to have a baby cousin!" annnd this is what he did. Be still my heart.

Sending a picture to Daddy while he's at work

Grandma bought Cooper a blow up ball pirate ship...after he realized how to climb in and out of it he was all about it!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap- Perfect Fall Weekend!

Friday at 5:00 could not come quick enough in this house! We had a huge weekend planned and we couldn't wait to get it started!

Friday night was the usual-grocery shopping, grab a quick dinner, and play as a family.

Saturday morning we got our family pictures taken for our Christmas cards/updated pictures of Cooper. I am supposed to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait to see them! Expect a full fledged photo post coming soon!

Saturday afternoon I took Cooper to my mom's for the night, Jon and I, along with 6 of our friends headed to Cincinnati for the King's Island Fright Fest that we do every year.

It's about to get real.

First stop

One of the new haunted attractions-you walk through different board games. It was amazing!

I love this picture of us-even if it is a bit blurry.
Sunday we were planning on just hanging out around the house-which we did do in the afternoon..but we took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and head out to the local pumpkin patch!

Family photo op


Pumpkin patch

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap-Sh*tter's Full


You know a good weekend recap is good when it starts with a line from Christmas Vacation.

So let's back up...

Friday...we ran an errand, came home and ate dinner, put Coop to bed, and had a little date night (in) and watched This is the End.

Don't waste your time and $$

2 hours of my life I will never get back. 

It. Was. Horrible.

Danny McBride acts like an asshole (par for the course for his characters). It wasn't funny at all. 

Cool-you guys can smoke pot and get high. 

Move along...

So I had to work on Saturday. After I got off work we went to the grocery store, played with Coop, make dinner, put Coop to bed, yadda yadda yadda. 

We had plans to take Coop to the zoo Sunday morning. 

We wake up Sunday morning at 6-a-freaking-clock because Cooper went all FGL on us like...


And we were like,"Cooper it's Sunday don't you wanna sleep in?"

And he was like: 

Duck Dynasty for the win

So we wake up and Jon says AND I QUOTE, "Cooper must have shit everywhere. It smells AWFUL even in here!"

I get up and open our bedroom door to a HORRIBLE smell. 

Change Coop who was dirty but not the smell we were smelling.

Took Reggie out and it smelt HORRIBLE outside.

I go back in and Jon says, "Babe..the toilet won't flush..."

I'm like ah hell....

I go back outside to make a phone call and my neighbors across the street come out and ask to use our restroom because they are having plumbing problems....

so I call the water company...just then the smell hits like a ton of bricks and we look outside and sewage is trickling down the street...

We pack up Coop and go to drive him to my mom and dad's and the water company guy is standing in our street looking like this...only in work clothes...


Needless to say---we didn't make it to the zoo. 

We're exhausted.

It's Monday--which is the highlight from the weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2013

There's an app for that!!

One thing I struggled with in becoming a mom was keeping up with the house. I felt I was always lacking. Lacking organization, motivation..and...well..time.

One of the girls on my birth month board suggested the Motivated Moms app. YOU. GUYS.

It changed my life.

Don't let the name fool you. It isn't just for moms. In fact-you can turn off the settings regarding children. It also has built in Bible readings daily (which I turned off because I do my devotionals every day.)

You can personalize as many tasks as you want (if you buy the $2.99 version--DO IT.)

Here was my Thursday..and yes it even has "Clean out brushes and combs". AMAZING.

Here is the setup screen. You can add tasks with the "custom tasks" option. You can even assign tasks to people and share them via text messages/email/Facebook/etc.


Another app I'm crushing on is the My Coupons app. Again-I bought the full version. 

You can scan your barcode on the coupon and well....


I know I know...impressive! What's more impressive is that it lists them by expiration date and you can set it up to alert you the week before things expire. 

Be still, my heart.

My house is cleaner, we're saving money..and I have more time to do things!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Review-Possum Attack, Lack of sleep, && Love Italian Style

Happy Monday ya'll...not going to lie...I'm not sad to see this weekend wasn't a blast that's for sure!

Our house was sans husband this weekend as Jon had a bachelor party in St. Louis this weekend. 

Friday night I woke up at 3:30 to this weird sound outside and Reggie was FLIP-PING out. All of a sudden I hear this screech and Cooper starts screaming for me. I go in there..well..I tried..Reggie was already busting past me to get to Cooper. Coop is standing in his crib screaming and looking at the window. It was dark obviously so I couldn't see anything but when I opened the blinds whatever was outside got pretty pissed off and snarled at me. Reggie starts barking and trying to get to the window. 

I ended up letting him outside and he comes back with something in his mouth and sat it next to the front door like a was a dead possum. My big 97 lb pansy dog killed a possum for scaring Cooper. Coop kept going "Re!! Re!!" (Reggie in Cooper talk) It took me 2 solid hours to get Cooper to sleep again. We slept in until 8 Saturday morning. Mind you I didn't fall asleep until 2 Saturday morning just to get woke up at 3:30. I slept a very rough 3-4 hours of sleep broken up. 

Saturday Coop and I went shopping with my mom. I bought him some new clothes and ate lunch at Panera. We came home and Coop took a 2 hour nap on the couch. 

Cut to Saturday night-Coop went down easily...again, I couldn't sleep....4:30 I am woken up (after sleeping 2 hours) and he is screaming again....but not for me...for Reggie. I send Reg in there and they both go back to sleep. He was up and ready to go at 7. Dyyyying.

Sunday he napped for 1.5 hours and then went down fairly easily. This morning-he was up at 5:30. So yeah, I got more sleep than the last two nights but holy crap...8 month sleep regression can bite me. :) Hopefully a normal fun day at the sitter will help him get back into his sleep loving routine!

In other news, I preordered Love Italian Style by Melissa Gorga because...well..if you know me, I love Real Housewives...especially Melissa..her and Tamra from the OC are my favorite housewives ever.
I thought over all the book was good-it was a quick and easy read. One thing that did drive me a little crazy was the repetitiveness of the content. I know it was to reiterate her beliefs but I felt very much like the repetitiveness could have been cut out and the book would have been even better. 

The book had some good marital advice, in my opinion. She spoke about how if you "date" your husband, your husband will always be your boyfriend as well as your husband. Meaning if you make a point to make your marriage as fun and interesting as you did when you were dating then your marriage will stay fun and interesting...which I totally agree. I feel it is very important to continue to date Jon and I try very hard to do so. 

I also thought it was interesting when she wrote about their hardship during the recession. It really put into perspective how bad they were actually hurting and how they handled it. 

The only issue I had with the book was the very very VERY traditional submissive/dominance in the book. A few examples: 

-She has to be home by the time her husband is home. Once she went to CVS and wasn't home when he got home from work and he was pissed. 
-He expects dinner ready when he's home. A hot meal or he's not too happy.
-He wants sex he gets sex. Even if she says no...because according to Joe..every woman really means yes when she says no so just "turn her around and take her clothes off.."...I think that's known as rape, Joe. 

I was all for the book until I finished the last few chapters just a few minutes before I opened this laptop. I can't deal with the whole sex topic in the book. Good for them if it works but the book is supposed to be about marital're advising husbands to not take "no" for an answer when it comes to sex. 

I've been reading reviews on the book too and a lot of people who reviewed the book are in agreement with me in response to the sex topic. 


Stay tuned the next few weeks!! We have some fun dates planned-both couples and family dates! Also-we have family pictures coming up soon! And Halloween! 

Yay yay yay!!